Come on down and have a pint!

Welcome to Willow Rock Brewing Company.  Come on down and have a pint!

It’s time, friends.  Our beers sit waiting only for you to call them forth.  We are humbled and excited to announce our opening!  Our first day opening will be Friday, November 27.

Regular hours will be forthcoming shortly.

Some Willow Rock Brew Coming Soon!

Hey everyone just wanted to say thank you for checking out the webpage and your continued interest in Willow Rock Brewing Company!  We’ve accomplished a lot since our last website post I can assure you that!  Our licenses are all but completed and the construction inside of the building is all but finished!  We’re getting so close we can almost taste the brew!

Please continue to check back regularly or give us a follow on twitter @WillowRockBrew to keep up with all of the latest news!  We look forward to meeting all of our fans soon and can’t wait to deliver some fresh local beer right to your lips!

Thanks again to checking in, and we hope to be up and running sooner than you think!

Happy Groundhog Day!

Bill Murray as Phil Connors in Groundhog Day by Andrew O. Ellis

Two equally impressive sentient beings awoke this morning with the fine task of making our lives better.

One an overgrown, pampered varmint wrestled around by fancy dudes in top hats who’ve been drinking all night. The other, a TTB manager. The type of man who woke early because he knew there was snow to be shoveled and inclement driving conditions; the kind of man who wears a garter, because Socks. Must. Stay. Up.

I reckon, walking out into the cold frigid air, their first breath freezing their lungs and nasal passages, the eyes of passersby transfixed at their sudden entrance, both saw their shadows writhing between the smoky tendrils of their hot breath.

Both knew it was a day of reckoning. A day where great knowledge, only known by them, would be bestowed upon the world!

Six more weeks of winter!

Willow Rock Brewing Company Federal Brewing Permit approved!

Art by Andrew O. Ellis

Lease Signed!

Looks like we’ll be signing a lease after all this week! The brewery starts to move forward! Oh yea!

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